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59 Software - Shareware, Logging, DXing

AA4M - QQSL Label Home Page

Ackert Supplies Computers and Communications

ACOM International, Inc.

ADI Radio

Alabama Radio

Alaska Ham Radio Supply

ALF Enterprises

All Com Electronics

Almost All Digital Electronic


Alpha Delta Communications

Alpha Power Amplifiers

Aluma Tower Company

Amateur Electronic Supply (AES)

Amateur Radio Bookstore

Amateur Radio Toy Store

Amateur Radio Web Site by VK3NDS

Amateur Radio Wise

Am-Com, ClearSpeech Speakers

The AmSoft Ham Radio CDROM

Amidon Inductive Cores

Andrews Communications

Antennas & More

Antenna Systems & Supplies

Antenna Tuners and Accessories

Antennas West antennas and accessories

antennaX Magazine

Arizona HamStore

Artifax Books, for telegraph historians and key collectors

Associated Radio, Overland Park KS

ATA-TEMPO QSL Printing Service

Atlantic Ham Radio Ltd, Toronto, Canada

AVVid: Authorized Kenwood and Icom Service

Barker & Williamson Antennas

Beko Elektronik (Germany)

Black Cat Systems

Bencher / Butternut Products

Bozak Antenna, VHF UHF GP base station


BusyKorner.com - Ham & Other Auctions

C3I USA Telecommunications

CAL-AV Labs, Inc.

Cable X-Perts, Inc.

Canadian Basic & Advanced Ham Study Courses

Capital Engraving (badges, plaques, etc.)

Carphone Specialist and ProPAGE

CBC International, Radio Conversions

Celwave Antennas

Champion Radio Products


Classic International

Philip Collins and Associates, HF Remote Control

Com-West Radio Systems Ham Links

Command Technologies (HF Amps)

Communications Electronics Inc., Emergency Operations Center

Communications Service Co

The Communication Store, HamCam, Ham Help and Products

Computers For Hams

Creative Services Software

The Crystal Set Society

CTI ComTec, Inc., Amplifiers and Tuners

Cubex Quad Antennas

Custom Metalworks, Rotating Tower Systems


B&B Cyber Software, CyberDX-CW and CyberContest


D&L Antenna Supply Company

Peter W. Dahl Co.

The Daily DX

Davis RF Co.

Delta X-Ray Antennas

DF Systems, Radio Direction Finding

The Digital Journal Editor's Page

Discount Amateur Radio Supplies On-Line Sales

Doc's QSL Cards

Down East Microwave

Durham Radio Sales and Service Inc. (Canada)

DWM Communications

DX4WIN Logging Program

DXbase Amateur Radio Logging Software

DXtra, Inc., WorldStation(tm) rig control software

E & S Communications

East Coast Radio

EasyLog Radio Logging Software (Italy)


Electromarkets Radiocommunication

Electronics USA

Eli's Amateur Radio, Inc.

ELNA America (Capacitors)

Embedded Research (THE TiCK GUYS)

Embroidered Ham Hats

EUR-AM Antennas

Eurowinlog Ham Logging Software

EZ Hang Antennas

The 59(9) DX Report

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

Frontier Engineering

Gary's Computer Factory (K7PG)

Generator Service Company

GeoTool Mobile Antenna Mounts

GetFirstAid.com - First Aid Supplies

Get Hooked on Code with Morse Code Music

Giovannini E. Antenna Systems

Gisela Dierking NF/HF-Technik (Germany)

Gladiator Antennas, R. Myers Communications

Glen Martin Engineering, Inc.

Hal Communications Corp.

Hamlinks Promotions

Ham Manuals

Ham Radio ClipArt by TK5NN MULTIMEDIA

Ham Radio Outlet Stores

Ham Radio Shop (Belgium)

HAM RADIO Ultimate Resource


HAMshack for Windows 1.0

HamStore / DXer.com Home Page

Hamtrader, FREE Radio & Electronics Classifieds

Ham University learning software

Heights Tower Systems

HEIL Sound

HENRY Amplifiers for less from RADIODAN.COM

Hy Power Antenna Company


HI-RES Communications, Inc.

Hobbytron - Kits, Antennas, Ham equip.

Houston Radio Scanning Information

HR Showcase the Amateur Radio Website

Hy-Gain/Telex Antennas

Hyperlog Amateur radio Logging program

The Icom America Web Site

Icom PCR1000 Software

IIX Equipment LTD, Antennas, Tower Equipment, accys

International Antenna Corp.

JCRE International, Amateur Radio Dealer


JJ&A Instruments (QRP Transceivers)

K3ZL Plaques and Engravings

K6PBT's PCDealer Directory

Kanga QRP Kits

K-COM Filters


KBC Import/Export Netherlands

Kent Communications

Kenwood Amateur Radios

Kenwood rigs old and new: photo archive

Kingsmith Software - Transciever Control

KK7TV Communications,

KK4TR Antenna Mfg & Sales

KMA Antennas

KN4LF HF Wire Antenna Sales

KO6YD Designs


LDG Electronics, Inc.

Learn Morse By Tape

Lightning Prevention Systems, Inc.

Log-EQF Web Site

LOGvrr: LogBook CallBook & PacketCluster

Lumisoft, Ham Radio software, logging programs, etc.

M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.

Maggiore Electronic Lab

MAHA Communications, Inc.


Mars Radio Network

Glen Martin Engineering, Inc.

Max-Gain Systems (Antennas, etc.)

MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

Micro Video Miniature & Wireless Video Systems

James Millen Manufacturing (Antennas)

The MiniMob Morning Net

Mom 'N' Pop's Software

Morse Code 2000

The MPE Calculator

M&S Computer Products

Mscan Asia

Muir Communications Ltd - Victoria B.C. Can.

Nevada Communications (UK)

NIDA Companies (communications)

Nil-Jon Antennas

North Olmsted Amateur Radio Depot - NOARD Inc.

Ohm's Law Clock

Optoelectronics, Inc.

Palstar Inc

Patcomm Corporation

PATEX Amateur Products

PCB Milling (printed circuit boards)

P.C. Electronics, Manufacturers of ATV gear

Personal Database Applications (LOGic S/W)

Personalized Map Company (online maps)

POLAR Electric (Morse Code Decoding Software)

PolyPhaser Corporation

Powerwerx.com - Power Connectors and MORE

PROLOG Logging Software

ProPrints - printing for Hams

Public Electronics Circuit Archive

A QLF kit from KI5YN

QRO Technologies

QRZ-India (not affiliated with QRZ.COM)

QSL cards by Mac

QSL Cards by Rusprint and Shack Accessories

QSL cards by Octavia - That suit any Taste


QSL Cards by QSLShop

QSLCard.com - Free web-based QSL card distribution

QSL Cards by W4MPY

QSL Card Printing by VE9QSL


QSL printed by OE6EUG

QSO Manager (all free)

QTH.COM Free Ham Radio Classified Ads

Quality QSL's by WX9X

The Radio Amateur Educational Society in Alberta, Canada.

(Italy) Radio and Computer shop

Radio Devices

Radiohaus Radiocomunicação - Brasil


Radio Shirts

Radio Works

Radios Plus

Raibeam Antennas Int'l

Ramsey Electronics

RP Radio Designs

The Raymond Sarrio Co., Catalog

RF Parts Company

RF Amplifiers and Synthesizers

RL Drake

RLS Electronics (amateur radio gear)

Sandhills Technical Service, Inc.

ScanWare Associates

SCS, Developers of PACTOR

SGC Inc., HF Radios, Antennas, Tuners, etc.

SHACKLOG - Quality Logging/IOTA Software

Sharps, Ltd.

Shoestring Antennas

Shortwave Radio Catalog

Signal One - HF Radio Manufacture


Spydercone Antenna

Standard Radio

Starfire Tec Amateur Radio Antennas & Accessories

Starline Electronics International

Stealth Antennas

5 Band HF CobWebb Antenna

Super-Duper by EI5DI (Ireland)

Surf-Electronics (Australia)

Svetlana Electron Devices (Power Tubes)

Taborsoft Communications Analysis Prediction Wizard