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Ham Radio India

 This is an Amateur Radio website & intended to be educational. Here efforts are made to see that Amateur Radio Operators & radio enthusiasts in India & elsewhere get daily News and technological Information from various amateur radio groups and manufacturers around the world. 


Messages posted at Hamradioindia Yahoo group or at Discussion forums, will reflect on News pages of this site & also on this page. 

Please Visit Home Brewing Website FOX DELTA Amateur Radio Projects & Kits with many amateur radio projects & kits like Sound Card Interface, 80W HF Linear, Hamcom, PIC Programmer, 3.5GHZ Frequency Counter & many more under development.


Ham Radio India is a non-profit website intended to provide technical information & encourage enthusiasts with latest information on ham radio activities World Wide. 



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Copy Righted Material:  I have presented a collection of material sent to me by many of Radio Amateur friends. In some cases, it is learnt that material was copy righted. I have immediately removed it and/or  linked to original designer. Any one has any objection to a material presented here, may please contact me at Amateur Radio in India. However, I believe, everything presented here is in the interest of developing Amateur Radio in India