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Receiver Projects :    
Beat Frequency Oscillator TDA 7000 FM Receiver
Cavity Receiver Simple Radio
Direct Con.Receiver VFO
FM Receiver(MC13136) Basic 144MHZ Receiver
Ladder Filter for SSB Receivers Double Balanced Mixer
Notch Filter for Receivers IC 1496 Doubler
Short Wave Radio IC 1496 Mixer
Regenerative Receiver IC 1590 Circuit
Simple Regen Receiver A Simple HF Synthesizer
RF amplifiers for Receivers Fundamental Crystal Oscillator
IF Amplifiers (AM & FM) Overtone Crystal Oscillator
6m to 10m Converter Crystal Radio with Antenna Tuner
Receiver building blocks 40Meter Receiver


Other useful project links for receiver home brewing:

Digital VLF Receiver WINRADIO
2 Meter Synthesized, Computer Controlled Receiver 2-250 MHz VHF Synthesized RF Source