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MULTIPSK Version 3.14.2

BPSK31-63-125/QPSK31-63-125/CHIP (64/128)/PSK10/PSKFEC31/PSKAM10-31-50/PSK63 F – PSK220F + DIGISSTV “Run”/CW/CCW/CCW-FSK/MFSK8/MFSK16 (+SSTV)/OLIVIA/DominoF DF/DominoEX/MT63/THROB/THROBX/
RTTY, CW, BPSK31, BPSK63 and PSKFEC31 Panoramics

Multipsk – The multimode digital transceiver.

Version 3.14.2 Download: MULTIPSK.ZIP (Multipsk + Clock)

AddOn for MixW2 — MW2Log is a AddOn for MixW2 software. The tool is used for simple data input in case of “sent QSL” and/or “rcvd QSL”. MW2Log save this information in the original logfile of MixW2. Handling all logfiles created by MixW2 is possible. —  HB9CIC Josef / author MW2Log

Hot Collection of Ham Software One – From QRZ – Simply Too Much To List

Hot Collection Of Ham Software Two – SV1ENS AMAZING REMOTE BBS

Hot Collection of Ham Software Four – From K7HG

Hot Collection Of Ham Software Five –From IW8PG and 1Kr102

Hot Collection Of Ham Software Seven — Many Downloads

Hot Collection of Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection (by Dr. Oliver Welp, DL9QJ)





SOUNDCARD INTERFACING By WM2U — Covers many rig models with pin outouts

Sound Card Interfacing for RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV — Via W5BBR

Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection — From Dr. Oliver Welp, DL9QJ — Enormous collection — A must See

Analizer 2000 (PSK31 + AF Analizer)

BUX CommCo® Home of the RASCAL®   PSK31, WSJT, & SSTV Interface Boxes and Cables

DigiPan — A Freeware Program for PSK31

DTMF Decoder  From Dr. Oliver Welp, DL9QJ

DX4WIN — Version 5 with integrated PSK-31 interface control

G3VFP Gold Mine Of Ham Software — Many Downloads For Digital Modes

Gisela Dierking NF/HF-Technik – … für 2 Transceiver, sofort bereit für PSK31, SSTV, SSB, FM . From DJ6CA

Hamcom 3.1( Receive and transmit CW,RTTY,AMTOR)

HamScope — PSK31 Freeware Program


Hellschreiber Mail List

MFSK16 calling frequency   email to:

MixW32 For PSK31 — Supports PSK31, RTTY, CW, Packet, contesting, Callbook recognition as well as CW Transmit and CW receive

MixW – Multi Mode Operating Software for HAMs

AddOn for MixW2 — MW2Log is a AddOn for MixW2 software. The tool is used for simple data input in case of “sent QSL” and/or “rcvd QSL”. MW2Log save this information in the original logfile of MixW2. Handling all logfiles created by MixW2 is possible. —  HB9CIC Josef / author MW2Log

ON4CAY — Lots of good sound card information

Third Annual PSKFest takes place January 17, 2004, 0000Z.. For more info check out PSKFest

31/31 Award — Worldradio is now offering the new “31 on 31 Award” to our readers. How do you earn this new, highly coveted and prestigious award? Work 31 countries on PSK31! See Departments, then awards.

PSK Deluxe — From HB9DRV

PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — “Official” Home page
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — PSK31 interface diagrams
PSK31 and other PC Magic — Includes HamScope — From K1VY
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — From WM2U
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — From Neil Rosenberg (N1DMA)
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — Lots of Digital Waveforms
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — Soft and Hard for PSK31
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — PSKGNR V1.34
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — Excellent PSK Article From the ARRL (Need ARRL Membership to Read)
PSK31 – Phase Shift Keying — From the ARRL
PSK31 Fundamentals — From NB6Z
PSK31 for Linux/Soundblaster — Via Hansi Reiser, DL9RDZ
PSK31 Software — From The DXSoft Group
PSK31 Awards From Jay, N3DQU
PSK31 by WM2U
PSKGNR_(Front end for PSKSBW Ver 1.06)

RadioCom (DSP-Filter/Analyser, RTTY, CW,Fax, SSTV & DCF-77)
Radio Raft by F6FLT AllMode Decoder

RigBlaster — The RIGblaster connects your radio to your computer’s sound card. It is the easy and modern way to get on the air with PSK31, SSTV, RTTY, AMTOR, PACKET, CW, Contest Voice Keying, HSCW meteor scatter, and other new modes. Your computer and a RIGblaster take the place of the older expensive adapters or TNC’s.

SkySweep Technologies  — Adaptive multi-channel and multi-rate digital signal processing.

Soundblaster Software Collection For Amateur Radio — From DL9QJ

Sound Card Interfacing for RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV — Via W5BBR

SOUNDCARD INTERFACING By WM2U — Covers many rig models with pin outs

Software for Fuzzy Digital Modes

WINTTY_(RTTY for Kam and PK 232)

WinWarbler Simultaneously decode and display PSK transmissions on three separate frequencies.

Digital Signal Processing

SkySweeper — Advanced DSP – Most modern adaptive multichannel and multirate digital signal processing in the market

Spectral Display/Filtering for Sound Blaster

Transmitter Fingerprinting Software






So What’s an FTP — Excellent page on FTPing

Trellian FTP – Award Winning FTP client

Ham Exams – A dozen to choose from including MAC

Clocks, GC, Grid Squares etc:

AZMap – an Azimuthal-Equidistance Map Generator From AA6Z

Beacon Wizard — Track the NCDXF Beacons and Sets your PC Clock to world standards

DX Atlas 1.1 — From VE3NEA

DX View 1.1.5 — FreeWare.  Find heading, country, distance, zone info from callsign prefix –

Formulae For Calculating Great Circle Heading and Distance Information

HamClock — Desk Top program for Time in the All DXCC Prefixes

Ham Clock Version 2 – Another beauty — Shows Time, UTC and by prefix. Also displays the distance and heading from your location to the selected prefix next to the time.

GcmWin – A program to make Great Circle Maps — Via SM3GS

Geo Clock — A beauty — World Maps, Grey Line — much more By Joe Ahlgren

Gray Line Program — From PA3CQR

Gray Line Program — From Alex Shovkoplyas, ex UR5EMI (now in VE3)

Radio Explorer — By Dmitry Nefedov — Graphic viewer for shortwave schedules (ILGRadio and HFCC), displaying data in a tree-like way and on a Gantt.chart.

Great Circle calculations — -GCGC by Ron McConnell W2IOL.

Great Circle Maps – program – For any point on the earth.

Grid Squares — From the ARRL Web — on-line grid-square calculator
Grid-square calculator program for your computer

Grid Square Calculator — Find Grid Squares By Long/Lat or find Long/Lat from Grid Squares

Online Map Creation using AZ_PROJ v1.04 – By Joe NA3T and Michael NV3Z

OSSYSTEMS — Sets your PC Clock to world standards

Super Software Page – By KL7J, Great Circle Map, Geoclock w/Greyline, SSTV, RTTY

Sunrise/Sunset, Gray line and UTC Time From HAB Software, Hamburg, Germany.

Worked All Fields — From The Field Hunters Home on the ‘Net

Linux For Hams

Linux and Hams

Linux On-Line — General Linux page From Linux OnLine

Linux – QRZ CDROM Lookup for Linux From

Linux Software for The Ham Community From HamSoft  Includes Morse programs

N0NB’s Linux Introduction for Hams

What Linux offers Hams

Linux For Amateur Radio — From K7QO’s Home Page

Linux For Hams — From N9NU

Radio Explorer — By Dmitry Nefedov — Graphic viewer for shortwave schedules (ILGRadio and HFCC), displayig data in a tree-like way and on a Gantt.chart.


Mac Software

Macnet is the WWW group of Ham Radio Operators that use Mac computers to  extend their communications capabilities.  To join Macnet, send YOUR STATS to
o Amateur Radio CALL SIGN
o Street ADDRESS

Macnet Ham Software List — Loaded compiled by John Seney, WD1V – Check here first for Mac Software.

Updated MAC S/W Site LOADED — HAMS AND X, MacOS X,  XR11 and Java Applet  Software for the Amateur Radio Operator — From NI5V

 MacIntosh Ham Software List — From The QRZ Folks

 MacIntosh Ham Software List — From The UK

 Promethius –Logbook Package for the Mac

 MorseMania – — For The Mac

 MAC Elmer – — Elmer creates sample tests to help you prepare for your ham radio written examination


 MacGrayLiner –Displays a map of the Earth, showing day, night, and Terminator.

 MAC FTP Site — From The UK

Beam Headings For The Mac – From James Associates

Macintosh Programs From

 MAC Software — Blackcat Software — Science and Radio related software.

Mac MultiMode  From Black Cat Systems — decode and transmit morse code, RTTY, FAX, SSTV, PACKET, ACARS, PSK31, ALE, and many other modes on your Macintosh, without any extra hardware!

 MacDopplerPRO — MacDoppler — Operations & Command Centre for every satellite in orbit.

Radio Explorer — By Dmitry Nefedov — Graphic viewer for shortwave schedules (ILGRadio and HFCC), displaying data in a tree-like way and on a Gantt.chart.  It also features a world map with greyline and MUF coloring. It is developed in Java and runs on multiple platforms.

Macintosh users and the EchoMac software at

Moon Bounce

Earth-Moon-Earth Communication — From W6/PA0ZN

MoonBounce (EME) * Weak Signal * Astrophotography — From AF9Y

Moonbounce(EME)from Svalbard — From JWØBY

Moonbounce Operating Tips — From W7GJ


OS/2 for HAMS

OS/2 Amateur Radio Software And eComStation — Via HB9SKA


Packet & APRS

APRS Software — From CAVE

APRS — AGWTracker   New Program for APRS

APRSPoint — Extensive program



Grafik Packet — From Jens, DH2BAU

InterFlex Systems – KaGOLD for Kantronics, PkGOLD for AEA TNCs

KAWIN – For Packet Radio — Also PicturePacket 1.21, packet radio Freeware, SA Watch 3.2 for GPS users.

Mscan Meteo Fax — An easy to use Windows program to receive weatherfax im very high

Mscan Meteo Pro — An easy to use Windows program combining all features of Mscan Meteo Fax and Text and more!

Packet Radio Programs From

PKTerm for Windows for AEA/Timewave TNCs — Next Generation Software for Today’s Ham Radio Operator — From Creative Services Software (CSS)


Sound Card Packet — By KC2RLM

SoundCard Packet

TNC Drivar by G7JJF

Winpack 6.4 — Full-featured Windows 3.x/Windows95 interface to use with your TNC.

Winpack (Windows Packet )

XPWare — By KF7XP  — Packet and Multi Featured Software



Palm/Ham — Amateur Radio Applications for PalmOS From Ken Harker KM5FA

Palm/Ham — Amateur Radio Applications for PalmOS from Peter K. Hodgson VA3PKH

PalmPilot – Satellite Tracking Software From  Emm Graphics

Pocket Beacon — For PalmPilot for the NCDXF/IARU Beacon system

TealPoint Software for Ham Radio — morse code and ham radio frequencies

HF Radio Logger 0.1.3 — From — A log program for Amateur Radio

MindSpring Ham Software — S-Morse and more

N0HR Morse Code Tutor (and keyer) for PocketPC PDAs (like the iPAQ, Jordana and Cassiopea).

PortaLog from HamHeld — general purpose ham radio logging program for Palm OS devices



AADE — L/C Meter II, kits and software

Amateur Radio Artwork  From

Amateur Radio Test Programs (US) From

AMIGA  Amateur Radio Users Group

Attenuators Design – By G4BKS

Club Attendence Program — Track member checkins

Commodore Computer Ring — Hundreds of Sites for the Commodores

DART PRO 98 – Software – Audio restoration and recording software plus a free radio recording program

E-Lab Digital Engineering, Inc. – For electronics builders -Compilers to Code Examples to Components Distributors.

Field Day Software — From Paul VE3SY — This is a self extracting (from DOS and Windows) package and is free ware

HamCalc — By VE3ERP Via Walter Banzhaf

Ham Helper 2.0 — UTC Time, Country Callsign Database, ITU and CQ zones, latitude, longitude, UTC offset, primary callsign prefix, distance and antenna bearing, ID Timer, W1AW Schedule, Band Plans, Q-Signals.

Incredible Variety of Software — From RF/Spread Spectrum

Java Ham Radio Page

KO4BB Software Page — ADIF Lookup, Compilers and More

K7HG Software Page — Via John Agrelius, K7HG — Antenna Maker, Miniprop, Super Morse, ClusterMaster, DX Monitor, Field Day Logger, Rxclus, Satellites, DX PacketCluster WebNet, Windows 95 SSTV, More

KC4ZGL HAM Software

Misc Demo Programs From

Misc Programs From

MobileLog – Logging System for PocketPC (Windows CE) PDAs —  From N0HR

Mom ‘N’ Pop’s Software — IBM HAM Radio, Education, Games, Business, Finance, Cooking, Hobby, Genealogy and Other CD-Roms, Software and Shareware Programs.

N3TUK Software Page
— Decode dtmf,ccir,zvel and ctcss tones for windows95, Control Program for the FT-736R, Sound Blaster Spectral Display And Filtering, Kenwood Radio Controller Program, Send & Receive RTTY and CW w/o Modem

Part 97 Rules & Regs — On-Line Text — from Ham Radio On Line

Public Domain Software — From KC6YJY, Randy Roberts

QRZ.COM FTP Archives — Loaded with stuff

QRZ Shareware Page — Goodies

QRZ Radio Control Programs Files

Radio Modification Files From

Reference Material From

RF Designer — From KM5KG

RCSI – Radio Control Systems, Inc — Amateur Radio software

RF & Antenna Software – From The Spread Spectrum Scene

Scanner Radio Programs From

Simplex   This software is intended to replace the hardware logic of repeaters. With SIMPLEX, repeaters may be quickly implemented with a few connections between the computer sound card and the audio receiver output and microphone transmitter input.It handles simplex repeater, duplex repeater, transponder and mixed mode. It supports classical 1750 Hz tone detection or CCTSS detection to open. It plays any audio service message (beacon, welcome, goodbye, transmit, timerout messages).It repeats communications either on audio detection (vox mode) or carrier detection (if a squelch signal is available). It detects DTMF codes for remote control.It works also as a simple parrot or voice recorder. It runs under Win95/98/NT/2000/XP. From G. RIVAT F6DQM

Technical Data/Files From

Utility Programs From


Radio Control & Programming

Programming and remote control interfaces available for many transceivers, e.g. all ICOM- Transceiver CI-V Interface (e.g. IC-756, IC-7400, IC-746), Kenwood TS-850, TS-450 etc., Yaesu FT-817, FT-857, FT-897, FT-100 etc. For many Handhelds (e.g. TH-F7, IC-Q7, VX-1, VX-2, VX-5, VX-7) and Receivers (e.g. FRG-9600 VR-120) the appropriate interface is available as well.

AOR Radios Control Software — AR5000 AR8000 AR8200

CI-V Commander  Control for your Icom radio

FineWare — Control for a variety of SWL Receivers

Ham Radio Deluxe — From HB9DRV — Ham Radio Deluxe provides CAT control support for ICOM, Elecraft, Kenwood, Ten-Tec and Yaesu transceivers. Includes Mapper and PSK31 Deluxe.

HamStation, SWLstation, and ScopeStation control panels, for Ten Tec Pegasus and Ten Tec Jupiter transceivers and Ten Tec RX-320 and RX-350 receivers. From CallSign Software, KD0ZV.

ICOM Control — From N3CXV — allow you to control your IC756PROII, IC706MKIIG, or R9000 Receiver. Can be controlled by computer directly connected to the radio equipment via the CI-V interface, or via a local LAN or via the Internet.

IC-746 control software — From Russ Cheatham KU4YJ


KingSmith Software — Yaesu FT-736R, and Yaesu FT-847, soon for the ICOM IC-746, ICOM IC-756, and Yaesu FT-920.

MacIcomControl — Communicate with and control an Icom radio with a McIntosh

Rig Control Programs From

SIMPLEX  transforms any transceiver into a parrot or an audio simplex repeater or an audio duplex repeater or an audio transponder (two transceivers needed for that last use !). It requires Win95, a SoundBlaster sound card and at least 16 Mb RAM. The program is able to command two transmitters ON AIR by using the DTR and RTS signals of a single COM port.

TRX-Manager — Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood and TenTec Radios


FT-817’s Memory Management — 200 memories

FT-817 Commander — From HB9DFV — Program to control the Yaesu FT-817 portable HF/VHF transceiver.

FT-7800 memory management program — From Bob G4HFQ

FT-8800 memory management program — From Bob G4HFQ

FT-8900 memory management program — From Bob G4HFQ

VR-5000 memory management program — From Bob G4HFQ

Scan920 — a radio control/scanner program for the Yaesu FT-920 From KH2D

SuperControl © CAT software From DH1NGP, FT-847 and FT100

KingSmith Software — Yaesu FT-736R, and Yaesu FT-847, soon for the ICOM IC-746, ICOM IC-756, and Yaesu FT-920.


Scanner Recorder Voice Key Express_(Digital Voice Keyer)






HDSSTV High Definition Slow Scan TV

JVFax 71 (SSTV and Wefax)

MSCAN (Multi tasking DOS SSTV)

Mscan v3.11 — SSTV program for Windows 95/98 offers sound card support

MMSSTV by JE3HHT – free SSTV software using sound card

QSSTV — SSTV and for Linux

Slow Scan TV Programs From

SSTV for Sound Blaster

Winpix Pro (SSTV for Windows 3xx/95)

VOICE KEYER — GCVoiceKeyer V1.0  turns your computer into a CQing-machine — From OE8YDQ and OE8CIQ


WeFax 99 — weather fax software for Kantronics TNCs — With a Preview Download


Mscan Meteo Pro v2.11

SATFAX Satellite Weather Decoding Software