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Transmitter Projects for Amateur Radio & Hobby:    
Mini Transmitter 200MW FM Transmitter
Simple FM Transmitter 30 Meter QRP CW Transmitter
Easy to build FM Transmitters 7 Watt FM Transmitter
27MHZ Transmitter(CB) VHF Power Amplifier
144 to 28MHZ Transverter VHF BUG Transmitter
4 Transistor Transmitter 100 Watts 0-30MHZ Linear Amplifier
28MHZ Transmitter VHF-Video Transmitter
5 Watt 80 Meter Transceiver QRP Linears
5 Watt 40 Meter Transmitter

Other useful projects:

Reduce TVI and interference to other services by using this simple to build LPF for your station