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Example for a Carbon 22000 Ohms or 22 KiloOhms also known as 22K at 5% tolerance:

Band 1 = Red, 1st digit

Band 2 = Red, 2nd digit

Band 3 = Orange, 3rd digit, multiply with zeros, in this case 3 zero's

Band 4 = Gold, Tolerance, 5%


Example for a Precision Metal Film 19200 Ohms or 19.2 KiloOhms also known as 19K2 at 1% tolerance:

Band 1 = Brown, 1st digit

Band 2 = White, 2nd digit

Band 3 = Red, 3rd digit

Band 4 = Red, 4th digit, multiply with zeros, in this case 2 zero's

Band 5 = Brown, Tolerance, 1%

Band 6 = Blue, Temperature Coefficient, 6

If you are a bit serious about the electronics hobby I recommend learning the "Color-Code". It makes life a lot easier. The same color code is used for everything else, like coils, capacitors, rf-chokes, etc. Again, just the color code associated with a number, like: black=0 brown=1 red=2, etc, etc.