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It was observed that a current flowing wire is placed near a magnetic compass, it influenced it showing presence or absence of current, amount of current and its direction (Current). Amount of flow or current through the wire resulted in more influence on the magnetic needle. Electromagnetism means magnetic effects as a result of electric current.



Electro Magnets:

A magnet created by the electric current is called electro magnet. It is a temporary type of magnet as it loses its magnetic property soon as electric current is removed. Electro magnets can be made of various strengths for required applications.


Left-Hand Rule for Coils:

Method known as left hand rule for a coil determines the relation between the direction of current and the direction of magnetic flux through the coil. Above picture shows such relationship.

Basically, electromagnets are widely used in our life then any other kind of magnets. It is used in electric bells, buzzers, relays, contactors and solenoids used to open/close laundry machine water inlet/outlet valves.


A DC motor is a rotating machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is a result of magnetic forces produced in the motor among various conductors (Windings) carrying electric current producing interaction and directional movement.





The two side pivoted conductor is called armature creates two condition of current direction within it. The practical motor has many turns of winding and has an electromagnet instead of a permanent magnet shown in the picture.